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Talkin' Web Content

Know your limitations

type_writerCan you write? Before you answer, let’s put that question into the context of writing for the purposes of representing your business – developing content that builds brand awareness while developing relationships with potential and/or current customers. Yes? Fantastic! Now, only one more question…con you do this consistently? Can you generate enough fresh, new and compelling content to keep your website visitors coming back again and again on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – can you do the same thing with your printed marketing collateral? Do you know how to optimize your website with SEO friendly meta tags?

It’s important to acknowledge your professional limitations where writing Web content is concerned, as it will directly affect the perception of your business or the clients your represent. It will also affect a search engine’s ability to find and index your website – making it more difficult for you to show up in organic search results. Take some time to think about the questions presented here. If you reach the conclusion that this type of “stuff” just isn’t your strong suit, maybe it’s time to consider looking into professional copywriting services!