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Client Case Study: The City of Alameda, California

Client Case Study: The City of Alameda, California

Graphtek Interactive gives the City of Alameda website an extreme makeover while enhancing functionality. 

coaIn addition to providing small to mid-sized businesses with Web development, website design, custom programming and interactive marketing services, Graphtek Interactive has been extremely instrumental in helping government agencies across California raise the bar on their Web development initiatives. For the City of Alameda, California, Graphtek Interactive’s dedicated team of in-house designers, programmers and support staff were able to breath new life into their outdated Web presence. Once uninspired, clunky and largely dependent on costly programming fees to make even the smallest of changes, the new website offers city employees practical functionality through Graphtek Interactive’s proprietary content management system, G | CMS. Training and support, overseen by David Drake, aided city employees during the transition to this highly intuitive, easy-to-use Web-based content management platform.  

While visitors to the new City of Alameda website are sure to appreciate the site’s new design aesthetic and improved navigation, it’s the tools within G | CMS (custom programmed by Graphtek Interactive to meet the city’s specific needs) that have improved overall workflow efficiency for city employees. 

As government agencies generate original content (news, updates, policies, events, etc.) on a daily basis, The City of Alameda’s G | CMS platform was custom programmed with user roles in mind. Now, both content editors and publishers can create new Web content pages to meet the city’s communication objectives. It is however, only publishers that can make content appear “live” on the website itself. A customized dashboard allows publishers and editors to communicate seamlessly throughout the editorial process. 

To meet the city’s demanding task of keeping its events calendar up-to-date, Graphtek Interactive customized the G | CMS Events Calendar module to accommodate desired functionality. Now, city council meeting agendas are available to the public via the city’s calendar of events – offering website visitors the ability to access supplemental information through multiple file types such as PDFs, images, video and audio. When present, each file is attached to the agenda entry itself. For the city employees managing the publication of these monthly calendars, the posting of repeating events has been automated – drastically reducing the overall workload. 

Additional enhancements to the City of Alameda’s website include the G | CMS Manage Lists module which was customized to keep the ‘contact us’ page updated with the click of a button – and the  ‘report a problem’ feature for each page of the website that notifies page publishers of issues or inaccuracies the general public may encounter while surfing the website. 

The launch of the new and improved City of Alameda website marked an exciting achievement for both the city management and Graphtek Interactive. 

“Nothing pleases me more than watching my team of designers and programmers deliver a Web experience that surpasses the expectations of our clients. The City of Alameda project is no exception. From conception through testing and completion, it was exciting to see G | CMS modules customized to accommodate the specific workflow objectives and technical requirements requested by the city,” said Mike Cheley, CEO & Founder, Graphtek Interactive. 

"I've been working with Graphtek for the past several months to completely redesign the City of Alameda's outdated website.  Our new website is a 100% improvement over the old site.  The content is easier to find, the artwork pops, and the content management system is intuitive and easy to use.  Throughout this project, I've been impressed with the Graphtek staff's creativity, skills, and patience as they worked to give us an even better website than we expected.  I couldn't have asked for a better work product,” says Lisa Goldman, Assistant City Manager, City of Alameda, CA 

To visit the City of Alameda, CA website go to:http://www.cityofalamedaca.gov