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Social Network Marketing:  The big question for most businesses is should I be involved in social media networks?  If so, how should I be marketing my business on social networks?

Everyone’s heard that Facebook has over 500 million users and that it has surpassed Google as the destination where users spend the most time online.  But the reasons you should be concerned about social networks are: demographics; the importance of monitoring your reputation; and marketing.

Gen-Y consumers are an average of 27 years old. Social networks are the way they communicate and share information.  81% of affluent Gen-Y adults use Facebook every day—roughly double the number who read newspaper content (45%) or watch TV (44%) daily, according to a study by L2 . The Pew Internet & American Life Project (Dec. 2010) found that 14% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 use Twitter, compared with 7% in the 30-to-49 age group, 6% in the 50-to-64 group and 4% of those 65 and over.

Social networks are an important way to monitor your reputation.  An April 2010 survey by Opinion Research revealed that 20% of those polled used social media to speak negatively about a brand, product or service.  A negative Facebook post can sit right next to your links on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), endangering your message and lowering your click rates.  You need to know what is being said about your business, and respond in a positive fashion.

Marketing your business on social networks can be as simple as finding “communities of interest” for your product category, hanging out there for a while, listening to what people say, and finally, when you are ready, engaging with helpful information.  You can connect with “influencers” who are regarded as experts within the community.  These people can be invaluable as a source of feedback and referrals.

If you are a location-specific business, for example a restaurant, there may be no better vehicle to market your business then on Twitter.  Your customers can follow what specials you will be preparing, and you can offer special promotions with almost no work on your part.  Developing your following can be a great way to grow your business.  Other social media sites like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook’s Places & Deals can be effective ways to promote your business.

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