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Productivity: What we’re using around the office – Nozbe

Productivity: What we’re using around the office – Nozbe


Like most organizations, the management and staff and Graphtek Interactive are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and workflow around the office. When we do stumble upon new technology or a service provider that makes life a bit more manageable, we feel it’s only right to share what we’ve learned with our clients and friends.

This month, we wanted to let you know about a Web-based time and project management application called Nozbe™. Whether you work independently or collaborate with a team, Nozbe can improve productivity, easily facilitate collaboration between team members and allows you to work on the go by connecting to your mobile phone – plus it syncs the iPhone and iPad. 

Essentially, Nozbe allows you to create virtual to-do lists with “next action” assignments. In addition to working in context, Nozbe allows you to change each item in your to-list into projects that can be assigned to individuals or groups of individuals within your team. Collaboration tools allow members to share and delegate assignments, communicate through message boards and track team activity. 

Plans are designed for team, family and individual use – with monthly fees of $49.95, $19.95 and $9.95 respectively. There are discounts for each plan when 1 year is prepaid. 

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