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Extraordinary website design – it’s so much more than pretty pictures and pithy words...

Engaging website design reflects a commitment to your brand’s promise while encompassing a skillful blend of design aesthetics, user interface expertise and an understanding of your visitors’ expectations.

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website design process starts with our clients and their objectives

Surf the Internet on any given day for website design services and within seconds you’ll find online companies promising complete, do-it-yourself website design packages requiring little to no design, programming or internet marketing experience. In fact, many of these services are relatively inexpensive. Ultimately, these Internet companies are catering to a very real, practical need many business owners share – the desire to create a strong, lasting Web presence to further their brand’s reach and increase revenue within a global marketplace.

Unfortunately, these services don’t differentiate between building a website and building a website that works for your business. The truth is, putting up any old website isn’t really that difficult but building a website that accurately represents your brand while delivering an experience that will keep your customers coming back over and over again is quite a different story.

At Graphtek Interactive, the website design process starts with our clients and their objectives. Through the discovery process we help our clients determine what type of website is “right” for their business. Options may include:

  • Brochure websites – provide a one-way flow of information from the company to visitor with the hopes that the visitor will contact the company for more information
  • Informational websites – similar to brochure websites, these sites provide information on specific topics with no strong call to action – visitors tend to find the information they needs, then make their purchases elsewhere
  • Portal websites – these are designed as gateways to information from various sources and typically provide direct links to their owners’ sites or Web pages
  • Community websites – these offer facilitated discussions or forums that bring people together that share common interests
  • Membership websites – content driven, these sites provided highly-focused information targeted to specific niches and often require paid subscriptions
  • e-Commerce websites -- the most frequently found website on the Internet, the primary goal of these sites is to sell goods and services. They include strong calls to action that typically lead to a secure, online shopping cart
  • Lead Generation websites – the purpose of these sites is to build prospect lists for future online and/or offline sales

Prior to actually designing all of the eye-catching elements that most people think of when they refer to website design, our User Experience Designers organize the website's navigation and pages such that users are able to find what they need quickly and easily.

Last but not least, the website designers and creative directors will work together to ensure that the design elements of the website accurately reflect our client’s corporate identity – ensuring that the use of fonts, color palates, positioning requirements, layouts and copy support the brand strategy. Ultimately, this approach helps our clients maintain a coherent, consistent and easily recognizable identity across all online marketing and printed marketing initiatives.

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