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Connect through Blogging

You have expertise in your business, so why not share it?  Blogging will help you cement customer perceptions of your expertise, establish trust, and build brand loyalty.  Prospects will share posts that they find interesting with their social network “communities of interest.”  Before you know it, your reputation as an expert has gone viral and you have the opportunity to be exposed to that highly targeted, very involved community!

In addition, blogging gives you the opportunity build awareness both through search engines and social media networks.  One industry study found that companies that blog end up with 55% more website visitors than those that don't blog.  Blog postings will be found by highly interested customers searching for information on the subject matter of your post.  

Incorporating RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) is a great way to distribute content from your blog to people who subscribe to it and want to hear what you have to say.  This way your recipient gets your blog post automatically sent to them—they don’t have to take the time to go looking for it.

Let Graphtek Interactive help you set up a blog and/or create relevant blog postings, increase profits and grow your business!

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