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A revolution is underway to provide relevant, personalized marketing communications – and Graphtek Interactive is ready to help

Personalized Marketing Services

Keeping your marketing initiatives relevant is the secret to keeping your most profitable customers and driving revenue, even in the most commoditized and competitive markets. Today, in the era of ad fatigue and do-not-call lists, customers expect to be known, remembered and understood. While many organizations are able to “personalize” their direct marketing campaigns by incorporating the customer’s name into communications, few companies have yet reached this level of individualized “one-to-one” marketing and cross-channel communication.

In order to meet today’s consumer expectations and growth objectives, many companies are looking to investing in smart systems – systems designed to bridge the gap between personalized and individualized marketing communications – technology capable of building marketing to individual circumstances. Ultimately, in making the move from personalized to individualized marketing, best-in-class organizations will:

  • Deploy event-triggered marketing to respond to customers when they want to be spoken to

  • Connect customer touch points across inbound and outbound channels

  • Implement technology which facilitates a 360 degree view of the customer

  • Leverage uplift analytics to improve offer relevance and spend marketing funds optimally

If you’re looking to keep your business on the front line of The Relevance Revolution by meeting consumer expectations through the use of new and innovative technology, we can help! Graphtek Interactive's marketing solutions provide organizations with the fastest route to capitalizing on this new revolution.

Let Graphtek Interactive help personalize your marketing efforts, increase profits and grow your business!

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