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Graphtek's Content Management Systems (G|CMS)

G|CMS makes updating your website's content as easy as sending an email.

comprehensive set of tools to edit and maintain your website

Are you hostage to a webmaster who is the only one capable of updating your site? How much are you paying per month for the honor of this privilege? Isn't it time to break free from the chains that bind?

Content should be controlled by the people who create it. Time-sensitive content should be easy-to-manage and use and it most definitely shouldn't break the bank!

G|CMS is a powerful and scalable content management system designed with business users in mind. As a Graphtek Interactive client, you are provided with a comprehensive set of tools to edit and maintain your website. You're also given a professionally designed, uniquely branded user interface to give your site the professional presentation it deserves.

The modules are available in the G|CMS platform:

  • Schedule Content (Announcements & Promotions)
  • Content Management
  • Password Protected Content
  • Documents & Publications
  • Press Room
  • List Management
  • Bulk E-mail
  • Calendars
  • e-Commerce
  • Dynamic Flash
  • Photo Galleries
  • Event Registration
  • Analytics and reporting

Click here to see a detailed description of each module.

By combining the technology of dynamic site construction with our easy-to-use browser-based user interface and the skills of our award-winning design team, our clients gain the benefits of a visually appealing site design, timely control over content and the expert guidance to create an effective web presence.

Put G|CMS to work for your website!

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