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Professional copywriting service can help create Web experiences that engage, build brand loyalty and sell

At Graphtek Interactive, our copywriting services can help you generate trust and develop an authoritative presence in your industry. 

Generating original and engaging content

Developing new content that appeals to your current customers or target audience is critical if you want to Be Found online. Generating original content that engages by educating or entertaining on a regular basis will ultimately build trust online and position you as a go-to, knowledgeable resource in your industry. That said, it's important to understand that delivering original content on a regular basis takes energy, time and commitment.

At Graphtek Interactive, our professional copywriters are dedicated to understanding your brand and providing content that resonates with your target audience.  While Graphtek Interactive provides copywriting services to fit all of your needs, we specialize in:

  • Creating/developing original, relevant website copy that reflects your brand and peaks the interests of your target audience
  • Website Content Analysis & Optimization – The information your website visitors don't see is almost as important as the content presented on each page of your website. Page titles, Meta tag descriptions, image alternate text descriptions and keywords give the major search engines additional content to index. The indexing of your content (client facing or on the back end) helps potential customers find you online. At Graphtek Interactive, our seasoned copywriters can work to make sure your site's content is optimized for organic search results.
  • PPC content generation or reviews – If you choose to use Pay Per Click (PPC) services as part of your Internet marketing campaign, you need to adhere to each service's guidelines and character count limitations. Normally, you get a very limited amount of space to say as much as possible. Our copywriters are wordsmiths - capable of delivering a well-written, truncated version of your complete message. Additionally, they can work to ensure that the PPC ads are being driven to landing pages on your website consistent with your ad's promise.
  • Developing/editing blog postings – Starting a blog isn't rocket science but creating a blog that keeps visitors coming back over and over again takes energy, time and commitment. Publishing content relative to your business - content that educates and/or entertains is a great way to establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry and attract new customers.
  • Creating White Papers – Providing free information to your website’s visitors is a great way to build brand loyalty and trust. The writers and designers at Graphtek Interactive can create White Papers specific to your industry. White Papers, often times, prove to be a very effective way to open dialogues with prospective customers. 
  • Banner ads – An effective way to promote your brand, goods or services, banner advertisements are typically embedded on the Web page of another site. Often used in paid local search campaigns, banner ads come in many shapes and forms. Whether your desired banner ad is static, uses multiple frames or is created in Flash, our copywriters are skilled at writing for this form of digital marketing.
  • Newspaper and magazine ads – It's very common to run print advertisements in conjunction with an Internet marketing campaign. In fact, many publications will allow you to buy media packages that integrate print advertisements with digital marketing placements like banner ads. While writing for print and Web require different skill sets, the writers at Graphtek Interactive are very well versed in both mediums. 
  • Product descriptions and reviews – While this service is a function of providing relevant Web copy, for businesses leveraging e-Commerce sites to sell products, well-written product descriptions are critical. We can't emphasize this enough. If your product descriptions lack details or are poorly written, website visitors are very likely to buy from a competitor. Let Graphtek Interactive's copywriters help you retain customers and increase conversion rates with engaging product descriptions and reviews.

Let Graphtek Interactive's copywriting services help you increase profits and grow your business!

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