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Knowing our limitations keep us humble. Joining forces with the best just makes us smart.

Graphtek Interactive wants our clients to see extraordinary results online while providing the best possible return on their dollar. For this reason, when we have specialized tasks, we turn to the experts. By combining resources, we can improve performance and protect our clients' bottom line.

Here are a few of our most valued strategic partners:

NetSphere Stratagies

NetSphere Strategies, a boutique eCommerce company headquartered near Chicago IL, has the products, knowledge and experience to make your webstore a profit center.  Our solutions are packaged in a few different flavors.  Some clients want the complete high-octane solution – an eCommerce engine, mobile and social storefront and feedback analytics to ensure each click moves the shopper one step closer to a buying decision. Others choose to use our SaaS connectors to quickly launch a new revenue stream with leading Marketplaces like Amazon, Buy.com, New Egg and Sears.

eCommerce Package
NetSphere Strategies is focused on leading businesses to succeed with their webstore objectives.  Our webstore solution will allow you to play in the same league using the same technology as the Big Boys of eCommerce (HomeDepot, Lowes, REI, Sears, Staples, Whirlpool) but at a price point that fits your pocket book today - and backed by our “Platform Protection Policy”.

SaaS Package
Our “SaaS Suite of Marketplace Connectors” offers a “quick connect” or “plug-n-play” capability to rapidly add new sales channels to 3rd party Marketplaces in just a few days.  This quick deployment capability is an inexpensive solution (BalanceMaxx) that allows the merchant a tremendous uplift in sales revenues with the ability to generate a ROI in a few short months. 


Cloud Hosting & Recovery Services
Hosting.com monitors, manages, and enhances the Web-based platforms of Web 2.0 companies, software as a service (SaaS) providers, content distribution networks (CDN), and medium to large enterprises whose Web presence is crucial and high availability mandatory.

email-marking service
MailChimp share your email campaigns on social networks, integrate them with web services you already use, manage subscribers and track your results.

IBM Business Partners
For companies interested in high-end enterprise-level Web solutions

We partner with some of the leading IBM WebSphere development partners in the country who provide enterprise level solutions for e-commerce. Partners we have worked with include:

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