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G|CMS Modules — Use one. Use Them All. Customize Each One To Fit Your Needs!

The G|CMS was created to provide our clients with an intuitive web-based application to manage their sites’ content, navigation and dynamic posting of dated material. Utilizing simple web forms, users can add/edit content, create dynamic menus, schedule the display of information, create/edit photo albums, upload/index downloadable documents — all securely from any web browser. Utilizing your unique user interface design, combined with page polish, your organization’s site can always be current, up-to-date and professional.

G|CMS Features

The G|CMS is built first on the premise that content creators should control content. And that control should be simple, intuitive and consistent across all categories of content.

Second, no two organizations are the same. Each company or organization has unique requirements for their site's content. Our tools are flexible, easily and affordable. They are customizable and most of all simple to use. Our programming team can customize/modify any of these tools with additional fields, queries and display templates to solve nearly any content requirement.

Our team specializes in understanding business processes and how to automate them utilizing web-based tools.

G|CMS modules

Content Manager
Add, edit and delete content from any page.  All formatting is controlled by pre-designed custom style sheets, providing user control and site consistency.

Site Builder
Take control of your site's menu structure. G |CMS  gives you the power to edit and organize existing pages within you site while making it a cinch to add new pages. 

Announcements Manager
Add, edit and schedule announcements on the home page with links in plain text

Promotions Manager
Add and schedule promotions on the home page with HTML and graphics

Press/News Manager
Post Press Releases, automatically archive and index, schedule and post abstracts to home page and trigger email distribution to press list.

Opportunities Manager
Post and manage job openings. Users can complete short-form applications, submit resumes and be entered in a database.

Publications Manager
Upload periodicals/newsletters and update archive index.

Catalog/Product Manager
Manage your product catalog including pricing groups, cross-sell/up-sell, multiple product attributes, discount schedules and featured flagship products.

List Management
Complete list management including individual record management. Easily build groups for access or email communication. 

Calendar/Event Manager
Complete event calendar including list and monthly displays. Flag events to be featured on the home page. Dynamic scheduling keeps information current and up to date. Supports repeating events, exceptions and event ticket sales (with e-Commerce).

Subscription/E-mail Campaign Manager
User administered subscription tool, e-mail campaign creator, selectable templates and group list distribution.

Photo Album
Upload and arrange images into albums with thumbnail displays and automated slide show with transitions.

CMS User Manager
Add, edit and delete users. Provides control over access and features.

Shopping Cart - eCommerce
Fully integrated shopping cart, with sales tax calculations, shipping integrations (UPS, Fed-X, or USPS), secure payment gateway and custom reporting.

Subscription Manager
Manage user subscriptions to electronic content including password management, renewal notifications and subscription-based products. Includes admin for managing membership database, trial subscriptions and reporting.

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