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Be Connected

Be Connected

Magazine and newspaper ads need to look good, but when it comes down to it, they also have an important job to do

Your ads should do one thing really well: entice prospects to take action - action to buy or a least start the buying process.

To accomplish this, ads need three key elements:

1. An attention grabber: Nowadays, we are literally bombarded with advertising, so we've programmed ourselves to ignore most of it. To get noticed, ads need to include enticing visuals and captivating headlines.

2. Benefit driven copy: Your prospective customers don't care about the features of your product. They care about what it will do for them. How will it make their life better, easier, or more profitable? Tell them.

3. A compelling call to action: Tell them how to take the next step, and if possible create a sense of urgency.

If you want your adverting to have the professional look and visual consistency that builds brand recognition, we can help!

Let Graphtek Interactive help you design magazine & newspaper ads, increase profits and grow your business!

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